Available Financing:

No financing available for the properties on the website. If you are looking for investment properties with owner financing then please visit the website All properties on the website need to be purchased with outside hard money loans or cash.

Outside Financing

If you are looking for financing or hard money loans then please email:

What we do offer and our requirements:

1. Same day hard money loan closings - Closing attorney is very important.

2. Hard money loans for foreclosure deals being purchased directly from banks.

3. We must have a 1st mortgage - we don't do 2nd mortgage loans.

We are being extremely conservative on all loan underwriting with respect to both the required downpayment and the loan to value ratio.

Example of recent loans:

  • Duplex that had a 1st mortgage of 8$k and we valued the property at $65k. We paid off the existing lender and placed a new $35k 1st mortgage on the property.
  • Townhouse being bought from a bank. Borrower gave us a free and clear single family home as additional collateral for the new loan plus the townhouse that was being purchased.

For special financing deals - please visit the website

Preferred Conventional Lenders